Motorcycle Accidents


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In many cases, automobile drivers plainly fail to see motorcycle drivers.  As a result, an accident ensues, and invariably, the person on the motorcycle suffers mild to severe injuries.  Worse yet, the motorcyclist is killed.

I have personally handled hundreds of motorcycle claims and have gotten my clients the money they deserve for their injuries.  I can anticipate what the insurance company will do and stand ready to counter all of their arguments. 
As a motorcyclist, you have rights.  Don't be pushed around!  Let me battle with the insurance company on your behalf.


"A car had pulled out in front of my motorcycle and that's the last thing I remember until I came to in the ambulance.................  I couldn't have asked for a better person to take my case.  Not only did he take care of my accident he (Michael Mazon) made a point of calling me after each of my doctor appointments to see how I was doing and what had happened, he'd call me almost every week to ask about my health and state of mind. 

My case was settled to more than my satisfaction. Mike got my medical and my financial problems solved................   I would recommend (and have) Mike to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer. I consider him not just my lawyer, but now a friend."    ~ Will Monogold   

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