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Michael Mazon - Seattle Personal Injury Attorney:  Our mission is to utilize over 30 years of experience to obtain the best outcome in settlement or trial for your personal injury case.  We give thoughtful attention to all facts and legal issues, give you information about your rights, evaluate your claim with an experienced eye, and significantly increase the amount of compensation you receive. We impart realistic objectives and provide the services needed to realize those objectives. We are recognized for our success in protecting the interests of individuals who have experienced an injury due to someone else's negligence.  

Michael E. Mazon represented the insurance companies for nearly a decade, and it is this experience and insight into the tactics used that makes Michael E. Mazon one of the most successful Personal Injury Lawyers in Washington. When choosing a personal injury attorney in Seattle, Michael E. Mazon has the experience and dedication to assist all your needs. We love what we do. This passion manifests itself in the dedication we bring to our clients and their cases.  Our outstanding results, including numerous high dollar verdicts and settlements, speak for themselves.


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"My case was settled to more than my satisfaction.  Mike got my medical and my financial problems solved... I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer."   

Will Monigold

"When that insurance company was uncooperative to completing the job we hired Michael Mazon to represent us.   Quickly our problem was resolved and the insurance company paid for the full repairs... Michael Mazon is a professional, easy to work with and very efficient. I would strongly recommend Michael Mazon."

Dullain Ehrlich

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