Car Accidents

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Car accident, truck accident, auto accident  

According to the National Safety Council (NSA), there are more than 12 million motor vehicle accidents annually involving more than 20 million vehicles.  This results in over 5 million non-fatal accidents annually. 

A significant portion of my clientele is made up of people who have been injured in auto & motorcycle accidents.  My practice involves representing people who have suffered anything from minor soft-tissue injuries to people who have incurred permanent and disabling injuries.
I was involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident and know personally what it is like to recover from profound and disabling injuries.  I know, first hand, what my clients are going through.  I also know that a car accident victim needs a strong advocate to battle with a defensive and cold insurance company that lacks all sympathy for the auto accident victim.
If you need a strong advocate, give me a call at:  206-632-6500  or email our offices.